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Many families are confronted with the challenge of providing comfort and security for their members with special needs, be they minors or senior citizens.

The accomplished team of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Palos Verdes and Southern California estate attorneys with more than 35 years of combined experience in guardianships and conservatorships practice areas is The Law Firm of Fox and Fox.

Attorneys Frank O. Fox and Claire S. Fox are well-known throughout the region for their reputation for innovative approaches to address clients’ unique probate, trust, estate planning and conservatorship legal goals. These dedicated lawyers listen carefully as you express what you want to achieve with a conservatorship or guardianship, and arm you with the facts and options you should be aware of, that can lead to sound decisions for your loved ones’ futures.

The Law Firm Of Fox And Fox — Quality Conservatorships Representation For Southern California

During your free consultation with our experienced Los Angeles conservatorships lawyers, differences between conservatorships and guardianships will be clearly spelled out, such as:

In a conservatorship, a person oversees the personal care and financial matters of the “conservatee” — the person deemed to be unable to manage his or her affairs, and therefore possibly vulnerable to the control of others.

The client will need to decide whether to apply for a Conservatorship of the Person, Conservatorship of the Estate, or both. Conservators of the person are responsible for seeing that the minor or senior receives the necessities of life — food, shelter and health care. Conservators are additionally tasked with handling the special needs or incapacitated person’s finances and assets.

The Law Firm of Fox and Fox can help you decide which option is right for you and the conservatee — whether you need a conservatorship of the person, of the estate, or both. We then take charge of all required filings, preparation of documents and participation in court appearances. Contact one of our skilled conservatorship lawyers by calling 323-937-4422. We maintain flexible appointment schedules to serve you better.

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